BREMF 2018

Monteverdi Il ballo delle ingrate

6-8 Nov 2018, The Old Market, Brighton


I had the most amazing time performing with Lauren Lodge-Campbell, Bethany Horak-Hallett, Ed Jowle, Hannah Ely, Kimon Barakos, Bethany Partridge, Trolley (Richard Robbins) and many others. Was left incredibly inspired by director Tom Guthrie and musical director Deborah Roberts, drummer Pete Flood, violinist Olly Webber and the whole host of early instrumentalists (including the great recorder duo Flauti d’echo!). Incredibly grateful to Claire Williams (harpsichord) and James Bramley (chittarone) for being such sensitive, solid musicians to work with on a score as complex as this one.

But perhaps the biggest inspiration was the dancers of Streetfunk and choreographer JP Omari. So blessed to be in the presence of youthful energy and artistic greatness!

Something tells me this isn’t the last time we’ll be working together.

Excellent reviews here and here. Click here to access the programme.

And of course, some epic pics:

IMG_8837IMG_8846BREMF 2

p.s. The cap was Tom’s idea – absolute stroke of genius!

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