Messiah with Voces8 / Apollo5 / Voces8 Scholars / Academy of Ancient Music

5 Dec 2018, 7.30pm, Trinity College Chapel, Cambridge


Had a FANTASTIC time last night.

Things of note from the evening:

(1) This Messiah includes some of the briskest tempi I’ve ever heard (let alone sung), which gave it an energy and clarity that I enjoyed.

(2) The AAM sounded absolutely beautiful. It was such a joy to sing with them, and Barney really inspired all of us to perform as a unit.

(3) The Facebook comments on the live stream were seriously entertaining. (I read them after the performance, not during, if anyone was wondering!) It made for a great train journey back to London after.

(4) Absolute hero Pete Norris rushed down to Cambridge after his audition at the RCM in time for the second half. Much respect to him for making it down!

(5) The texts in Messiah really hit me last night – it wasn’t easy to swallow some of it, especially when singing about Jesus’ suffering (“and with his stripes we are healed”). Knowing that his “yoke is easy and burden is light” when it doesn’t always feel that way was also really challenging. But what a testimony that Jesus came to suffer as a human being (“Since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead”) – he had to, and he did. And what a joy that he was WORTHY to be slain and to give us his righteousness. I was challenged and encouraged in equal measure; it was quite an experience. I’m still processing a lot of it. Praise God that he speaks to us with words and music right into our souls.

For now, it’s quick gig with Untune the Sky on Saturday and then back to Singapore for Christmas to see family and friends – it’s really special looking back on a really great year of challenges, growth and music making. I’m excited to see what 2019 will bring.