Morimur: Bach’s Secret Epitaph

It was such a privilege to be part of the first choral concert in the Esplanade Concert Hall since the pandemic began, and no better programme to begin with than with Bach!

I realised that if I don’t write about these concerts I forget about them in the long run, so I’m attempting to be a bit more disciplined about it.

I must say one of the greatest joys was getting to know my fellow musicians – apart from Brenda this was the first time I met the others. Looking forward to future projects together!

The greatest challenge? Making this music (that was intended for churches and small venues) work in an EXTRA LARGE venue. Voices disperse easily in a space like the Concert Hall, and with us having to be 2 metres apart on stage, hearing each other well was a real challenge. And it was a fine balance singing out fully so that we could be heard, but also making sure we could still hear everyone else. No easy task! But it was nice having enough time in the venue to get used to the sensation of singing, and we scheduled ample rehearsal time in general so that really helped. Was so pleased that we were able to make music, and to be singing the most meaningful words on Good Friday.

As always, some pictures to remember the occasion: