Out Of The Depths with Red Dot Baroque

23 Apr Blue Room, The Arts House

Read a wonderful review by Dr Chang Tou Liang here

All photos in this post by Junyi


Castello: Sonata Quarta

A. Scarlatti: Imagini d’orrore

Mancini: Allegro, from Sonata for Recorder and Two Violins in D minor

Caldara: Grave, from Trio Sonata in E minor, op.1 no.5

Bruhns: De profundis clamavi

Janitsch: Adagio e mesto, from Sonata da camera in D major, op.5 no.1

Telemann: Vite, from Paris Quartet No.1 in D major

Bach: Betrachte, meine Seel from the St. John Passion

Vivaldi: La Folia, op.1 no.12

Huge thanks to Red Dot Baroque for having me once again – it’s always such a pleasure and joy working with them. Till next time!

Completing the group was bass-baritone John Lee, who sang in three works by Alessandro Scarlatti (Domenico’s father), Nicolas Bruhns (a resident of Husum) and J.S.Bach himself. He has a deeply sonorous voice, totally suited for this music, and even if one did not understand Italian, Latin or German, one could still feel the gravitas.

– Chang Tou Liang, Pianofortephilia

Husum resident Bruhns’ De Profundis Clamavi
was an impassioned cry for help, a work of true pathos,
its spirit captured perfectly by John Lee.

– Chang Tou Liang, Pianofortephilia